Key to My Liberation (The Mask)

Mon, 10/13/2014 - 01:13 -- lamb0_

Living in a society so cold and heartless,
It's hard to be bold and dauntless
Without the words of other individuals
Flowing out of their mouths
As they criticize and penalize you.
I wake up early in the morning before I even realize how zombified I feel,
And I take the time to open my eyes and prepare for the real that will come my way.
And before getting dressed and starting the day I relieve some stress
By releasing the negative toxins that possess many bodies.
Then I walk out of the door,
Putting on my mask of soft-spoken silence.
It's a force-field that repels me from all of the violence and drama
That surrounds me.
I keep my mask on as I walk through the halls
And sit through each class
Because I'm not gonna be somebody's next booty call; I'll pass.
Those who try to talk to me ask,
"Why are you so quiet?"
They don't know that I could leave marks on them like chalk
And stir up an internal riot.
They haven't seen the real me
Because they don't bother to pay attention.
And did I mention that I used to be naive?
Now I don't know who to trust and believe anymore!
As Kendrick Lamar once stated,
"I need to separate myself to stand out,"
And I don't want to be sedated like the rest of our "handout" generation;
But for the consideration of the people around me,
I'll keep my mask on like Daft Punk and MF DOOM.
I'm temporarily in a bad funk of loneliness and gloom
But that'll all change once I unveil my true being;
What's behind the mask is really worth seeing.
I'm honestly sweeter than my grandma's Kool-Aid,
And I'm willing to help out like first-aid.
I love so many things and I'm an intellect,
And I made a lot of mistakes that I no longer regret.
Music keeps me motivated and calm;
I'm glad I can put it right into my palm!
I'm a young, talented dreamer who wants the best
And I would tell you the rest about me
But imagine how long that would be.
I'm still the graceful rose that I was
But over time I grew a few thorns
Because some things were bad and I needed a big hug.
I had the aqueous charisma of an ocean
But all I have now is salt. (It's partially "you-know-who's" fault!)
Lemme put all this seriousness to a halt and lighten up a bit
Cause the real me gets really passionate about certain topics.
In actuality, I'm also fun and crazy,
Kind, insecure, and sensitive because the smallest things could faze me,
Calm at the right times and chill at the most,
But my mask takes hold of me so others can't see me like a ghost.
I want to be free--- be me,
But there's something that's pulling me back
And it's not a lack of motivation.
I just have a slight hesitation.
I am afraid!
The fear is worse than the bugs that I spray with Raid,
I'm scared of taking off my mask because of an impacting concept called judgement.
It's what has people getting into fights and holding grudges
And having friendships being torn down to rubbish.
It's what has some committing suicide
And others developing hurtful vibes.
Judgement comes in a form of good, as well,
But as you can tell by the tone of my poem,
Everyone has something to say that may put others down
And make themselves feel powerful like they rearranged their totem pole.
As I first said, it's hard to be bold in a place so scary and cold!
This is why I put my true self on hold and wear a mask.
I don't mean to move too fast, but I think I'll conclude this piece
Because I made my point about how my beauty hides my inner beast.
I encourage everyone to brush off the judgement they hear
And start off the day, week, month, or year
In total peace.
Then I'll take off my mask and burn it until it turns into ash.


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