Running, you run

It's the only way out

You bump into walls

Looking for a way out!

You say you've got it all planned,

though it all crashes once more.

You use others to your own advantage.

Hoping to find the easier way out, and then let them go

You believe this is the way

You hurt others, but you get what you want.

It's the darkest route to go.

It will discourage you in your terrors of night.

Not knowing where you went wrong.

Your shallow heart and unforgiving soul will rot

You'll become someone else's advantage

Your blindness has gotten you in the deepest of troubles.

Your only way out is the repentance of your own

You'll need to change and look up off the rocks

The rocks will hurt you, but the sky will keep you afloat

Now you need to choose

Which one are you?


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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