Kerry And Jack

One day Jack saw Kerry in the dormitory
She shyly introduced herself to him
And he couldn’t conceal the sexual attraction
He wanted to start going out with her,
So he pursued what seemed right to him

Kerry’s body aroused him in some way
He was seeing another girl who he didn’t love
And he wanted to know if Kerry loved him
He accepted her negative reply with equanimity
Jack's lecherousness led to his displeasure

She had the right to exercise her free choice,
But she was a materialistic young lady
Kerry was interested in prominence and style
Her primary objective was to achieve vanity
She thought he wouldn’t attain high status

Jack was a newcomer at the university
She knew a little about his background
Evidently, he didn’t own a house,
And neither did he have an automobile
He was a victim of class distinction

Kerry decided to marry a man who wasn’t wealthy,
But there were certain advantages
That explains why she wanted to do it
Surprisingly, she invited Jack to her wedding
He took the invitation but didn’t go


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