Kenna, In Every Sense

I am Kenna

In every sense of the word

I am inside jokes

and finger pricks

and two a.m. cheezit cravings

and study hall naps

and tear stains on a pillow case

and stretch marks

and the song playing through the radio


I am inside jokes

that make you nostalgic

that make you laugh until you're sad

that remind you of the good times

and the better ones to come


I am finger pricks

morning, noon, and night

the dull red blood with a taste of iron

the needles pushing through the skin

the clear insulin in the pen


I am two A.M. cheezit cravings

the afternoon popcorn cravings

the chocolate cravings at three

the food to share with friends

that you end up eating yourself


I am study hall naps

the rhythmic tug of hand through hair

the accomplishment of one-handedness

the feeling of watching over someone

as they sleep, smiling childishly


I am tear stains on the pillow case

late at night well into morning

the liquid crawling down your face

the stifled screams of inner pain

the desire to quiet the brain, if only for an hour


I am stretch marks

the ones on my stomach

the ones I see in my head

the ones that you are worth more that

these flaws that make you beautiful


I am the song playing through the radio

the volume turned all the way up

the car all revved up to

the kitchen counter

beautiful ballads, angry rock songs, or smooth jazz


For I am truly Kenna

In every sense of the word.


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