Kelsey Rahe Nafzger


This girl has got me tongue tied 

I'm fumbling with words

I swear that I look stupid 

when I am with her

I don't have a care

In all of the world

When I am with her


I am hopelessly engaged

I'm so far in love

I'm drowning in her blue eyes

and I'm having so much fun

Her voice is like an oceans waves

Crashing on the beach

and her lips are like honey

just waiting for me


I never knew

How easy it could be 

To fall in love

I didn't see it coming


Now I'm stuck in a whirl

with a beautiful girl

Eyes full of suprise

I'm 100% sure

I can't control my smile

She's got so much style


I'm trying to write a love song

and there's already a ton,

but all of them are missing

something that's in this one

and that one thing is my everything

my past and my future

that one thing that they don't have

that is you my girl



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