I constantly imagine what it will feel like to be free.

I lay down and dream of the day these chains will break from my body.
I pray for the day these walls will no longer captivate me. 
But I can only imagine.
I can only sit within my mind for hours in my imaginary world. 
My world full of all my secrets and desires that remain hidden and untold. 
They cannot capture me within my own mind it's only my body that these shackles can withhold. 
But only for so long. 
The Keeper stalks me with blazing eyes, then rises from her position and stands.  
I feel the rage as she takes in the marks and scars upon my body made by my own hands. 
She hisses her tongue and says she will be the only one that loves me, the only one who understands.
But she never will.
I beg for her mercy. 
Tears fall from my eyes as I beg to be free,
Screams escape my lips as I plead to be brought to safety.
Anger burns on my tongue as I tell her she could never be me. 
She laughs at me and says her soul is not one to suffer from childish envy.
She blows me fake kisses and whispers "Daughter you will never be free, release yourself from your imaginary world, you're my prisoner for all eternity." 
But she is wrong. 
She is not my mother,
My mother is gone, replaced by the Keeper. 
A mother allows her child to grow, to find happiness, and be with someone who loves her. 
This poem is about: 
My family


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