Keep Your Distance


Stuck at school

Am I a fool

For going there

When there's a flu


So dangerous

If you're too close

Keep your distance

I suppose


Confined in your home

Where you're mostly alone

Sucks if you have roommates

That can't turn off their phone


When you're in a meeting

And your voice can be heard

By every single being

All around the world


Keep your distance please

I'd rather have space than

A million eyes on me


"Excuse me,"

"Is your temperature too low?"

"Not exactly…"

"Miss, I think you should go home-"


I was only under by 2°

Not like it was gonna kill me

My mask will keep me warm

Until I begin to freeze


Keep your distance please

All of us are poison

But some of us are lethal


I don't want to be

The reason you're all gone

You can fight this upheaval


Chaos erupts

If you get caught

You'll burn to a crisp

And be soon out of luck


But that lava expands

Creates more land

Pain and fear is instilled

But we get more in the end


Take in the view

See how we can start anew

Chaos is chaos if we believe


The things we never knew

But still kept at a distance

If only we took the time to see


Seems like I'm just rambling

On unnecessary things

Is it worth understanding

The people we can be?


Keep your distance please

If you're not willing to change

Never doubt the unknown

You'll end up insane


This poem is about: 
My community


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