Keep Going

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 13:15 -- smjaffe


I breathe in the cool crisp air, then breathe out heavily.

Clunk clunk, clunk clunk goes one shoe then the other on the pavement.

The wind pushing against me.

I’m steadily gaining speed now; building up adrenaline.

I can feel it in my body.

My heart beating so fast it is practically jumping out of my chest.

My legs screaming; telling me I should quit.

The back of my neck starts to disperse a continuous cycle of sweat.

All of this building up for a moment.

That moment when you forget about the hurt and you give it all you got.


That is what writing is for me.

It is the adrenaline rush a runner gets; it is what keeps you going.

I can write and know what happened but I can keep going from it.

That is why I write. 


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