Kassidy is tall as the Eifel tower with skin the color of a peanut butter and a body that provokes envy in Beyoncé. Her hair is the color of gold, and when she straightens it, the strands shine like the contents of an ancient treasure chest. All the kids at school want to be her friend because she’s so poised and confident in herself.

                  Mom says to be that confident is strength. I lack that strength but that’s not the only thing I wish I shared with Kassidy. Momma says that her beauty sidetracks her from reaching her full potential because she’s always engrossed in some pointless drama. She knows she’s supposed to ignore all the drama around her, but she’s attracted to it like a magnet to a refrigerator. Dad’s afraid that Kassidy will grow up depending on a man to support her. He tries to make her see that she’s more than beauty, but Kassidy’s too immersed in her current affairs to worry about the future. He talks to her about being well rounded; but I don’t see why since she’s basically perfect already.

                  Kassidy, how did you get so lucky to have both beauty and a noble disposition? If I stop being so nerdy and stop embarrassing you would you help me become a little like you?

                  I love your skinny jeans, so tight that it looks as if you couldn’t breathe, and the hundreds of shoes you wear that make your model legs look even better. I wish I could pull that look off. I wish I looked like you and could pull that off. Instead I stick with flare jeans and baggy sweatshirts to hide my plumpness and lack of attractiveness. I want to be like our though; I want your body, your style, your abilities, and your friends. One day when I get courage I’m going to ask you to help me become cool.

                  Kailynn, who’s been your friend since kindergarten, always tried to be as special as you. But then you realized you don’t need someone like her to depend upon. All you need is yourself and if you find someone who you deem worthy to be your friend then you might let him or her spend time with you until you find someone better fitted for the role. People are waiting in line to be with you and get close to you, and somehow I keep getting shifted to the back of the line.

                  The gossip the girls say about you couldn’t be true. They’re simply jealous that all the guys drool when you walk by. But you can’t help it. You speak your opinions- which seem to be the only ones that matter to you. Don’t you ever get afraid of being so wonderful? Afraid you’ll make a mistake and not be perfect anymore? I would…. But then again I’m not as courageous as you.

                  Kassidy, don’t you sometimes wish you were born to some other family? The life you lead is way to small for you. You’re meant to be in the spotlight. You’re meant to be the center of attention. You should have been born to the Kardashians or some family that all has incredible beauty that the media constantly seeks. There’s no reason you should have to do homework or chores, so maybe that’s why you don’t.

One day I’ll wake up and you’ll be gone. You’ll have moved on to greater things- like Hollywood. I’ll turn on the news and I’ll see you winning a Grammy or getting married to Justin Bieber. Then I’ll stop and marvel at the fact that I watched you grow up. That I was your sister. Kassidy I know you’re going to become more amazing every day and I want you to know how beautiful you are, both inside and out.


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