Kanye West: A Flawed Inspiration


"If you're a fan of Kanye West, you're a fan of yourself. I'm just the shot of espresso"

Sadly that espresso poured itself out in front of me, dismantling my confidence, while he was engaging in 'free thought'

The thought was so free, he imagined slavery as a choice.

400 years of slavery sounds like a choice to my inspiration

The man who premiered Who Will Survive in America

The man who stood up for black people against George W Bush

He's now standing on top of them to support Donald Trump

He's now standing on top of them to sell shoes

But sadly the allure hasn't faded, and with every jaded thing out his mouth there comes another one

One so softly spoken and geniune juxtaposing the notion that free thought is think slavery was a choice

The context was mental slavery, but lately I'm lost in my own mind trying to piece together how he pieces together his thoughts

Nina Simone saw Blood on the Leaves, I see Blood on the Hats of MAGA supporters deporting minorities

Yet his ideals of love appealed, I was appalled by small narrow field of vision in how he viewed it, his hubris

I'm not weak, so I'll take the Crack Music lessons and stand with these Two Words: Thank You

Without you, I wouldn't challenge your own thoughts

Without you, I wouldn't be the God I am

Without you, I wouldn't have that shot of espresso

But lately my tastes have drifted from coffee to tea


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