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Up above what suspended thoughts collapse

Underneath dark circles and brightened paths

Comes a voice from the land of pills and powders counting down the hours until the ship of drifts docks in the bay

Waiting on the pier for the fish to be reeled in as the anticipation seems to be wheeling and as the sea churns the churches of coral

The rock and roll chorus travels from the tour bus and the verses will rehearse the backstage chaos as beauty emerges through the waves in her hair.

Genuine labels marketed for success but when can you buy the food when you wear nothing but paper houses?

You’ve left your spouse because the bruises weren’t just on the fruits you brought home.

Oh, the aura of being held drifted sleep into eyes of orphans in a family filled with neglectful fools. 

Prospective seniors exempt from their expectations in exams struggle to deem their intelligence on scores that really mark their money.

Little finches twiddle their feet to claw at the sand and flinch when they fly above the street because their habitat dies with our new birth of concrete life.

Vinyl pressings and automatic salad dressing dispensed onto salads drenched with toppings to distract ourselves from the bland nature we so desperately try to season with shopping malls and fancy amusement parks. 

Architects design our superficial suburban mini-van houses that allow the storage of our extravagant junk in the garage because the emptiness within the picture frames left on dollar store shelves take up wall space. Screens show faces of pixel dated memory that the film died holding.

Born in a cradle to be mentally unstable and living under shady roofs with shingles that were falling as the wind carried the years through my spine and elongated the human shaped to be the awkward human kaleidoscope. The only constant shows in the color of my eyes as my world spins in the kaleidoscope swirl of uncertainty.

In the still of the black ocean above the moon mixed in black sand, the lovers stare back at the solidarity of stars and contemplation of philosophy becomes mere child’s play. It was only yesterday sandcastles were our legacy, only to be swept out into cardboard boxes on Broadway seeking fame.

They’re cracking and creaking as the waves sneak through the tears in the sandy brown eyes everybody once knew.  


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