Fri, 07/25/2014 - 17:31 -- Soulae


I saw this image of this young girl who was laying on the floor,
I had to look closer and I saw she didn't have no clothes on,
I judged at first I can admit,
like what the hell is this?
But then I read the story behind it and it had me furious,
She was raped?
After I read the story I wanted to find out who she was,
I wonder if her mom or dad ever told her to be careful at parties and to watch her surroundings, 
Maybe not,
I felt like I knew her,
Like she was one of my lil cousins,
It broke my heart to watch her cry from being embarrassed from those mocking her over the internet,
People gotta be sick to torment a girl who was sexually assaulted,
They was saying she wasn't raped,
As far as I know rape is not having the consent of another person touching you sexually,
So answer that yourself,
You think it's funny,
I bet it won't look so funny if that was your mom, sister, aunt or cousin being mocked all over the internet,
You made a song about it too?
I'll pray for you,
What happened to Jada made me open my eyes to all the sickness in this world,
She's strong,
She could of stayed quiet,
But she let it be known,
That's how it should always be,
Not just with rape but with everything,
Speak on the truth,
Jada did, so can you.
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WOW! Your poem really touched my heart! I'm actually tearing up


Thanks for taking the time to read to it.

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