Justice or Rascism

Guns, violence, fear, mistrust,

No Justice

What happen to eqaulity and safety 



We recite land of the free 

while my fellow brothers are getting shot

Justice must be served cold or hot

For now I can't wear a hoodie at night in fear of being shot

Can't approach or walk ina direction of an officer, without my head being



America, has covered all their racial deceits

But it is time for Justice

because what is done in the dark

Always comes

to Light.

Tired of being treated inferior and ridiculed for the color of my skin

I refuse to let the white folks win

Where is this equality we fought for?

The justice people died for?


Because we fix the law to suit others

But that is not Justice

Lady Justice never was biased

You get what you deserve

Not if you are of lighter skin get a

Out of jail free card

We all deserve Justice

Rascism has prevailed long enough\

It is sad that what my ancestors did was not enough

It is time for us to unify, in this time of trouble

Continue to rise above others with peace 

Not Violence

Don;r stoop down to 



RIP Mile Brown

We will bring justice to your wrongful death



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