Justice for No One

As our life on this planet ends
We tend to leave behind our mess
Using our trees as useless writing utensils
Killing us slowly from oxygen deprivation

The grass is turning brown as dehydration takes hold of the roots keeping it alive
The summer heat baking us alive more and more every year as we sit bathing in the sun rays that destroy our cells
The O-Zone slowly killing us as it keeps being denied the right to protect us

Landfills looks as if they could take over our world
Our world is slowly becoming that of the world in Wall-E
Covered in trash and soon uninhabitable

People throwing out plastic as if it didn't hurt the animals
People throwing trash on the side of the rode as if animals don't get hungry
Our world is being murdered and no one's taking a second look

There will be no justice for the killer because there isn't just one
We are all responsible for our lovely earths death 
Are you ready for the justice that will come when Earth will no longer sustain us?


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