Is it just me or was justice prevailed?

even though we thought He was guilty

the judicial system seems to think otherwise

and thats cool because we all got different opinions

but are we even talking about opinions anymore

I mean a murder weapon is pretty useful in a criminal case

and we had that, didn't we?

we had the victim, we had the culprit

we had months to ponder, we had time to investigate

was his death truly accidental? maybe, maybe not

only He knows, but I gotta ask

is it just me or was justice prevailed?

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I'm an African-American student, currently enrolled in Kennesaw State University. I like to write or talk about current issues, so I thought what better event than the recent Zimmerman case. I wrote this poem because I myself am also unsure if justice was actually served. I hope the readers will enjoy reading it as I had writing it. Thank You.

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