Tue, 07/23/2013 - 15:24 -- Yattab


Justice, that seven letter word... its much bigger than g-u-n, or k-i-l-l. Justice, it speaks for me, for you, the person holding the gun wodering what to do. Justice isn't like learning your a,b,c's. its much harder, cause you have to decied or not decied to do what's morally wrong but right in the eyes of the wrong, or what's morally right but wrong in the eye's of the wrong. Justice, it can be the holder of the gun, the slam of the gaval, or that imate walking down D- block hall. Justice, it may not always feel like justice but he whom is above will let you make that decision but who's to say its always right, right. Forgive never forget, but justice will hold forever in some cases, although forever to us is over in a flash, forever to HIM is enternity and will forever last R.I.P. to Travonn Martin, the children of sandy hooks, the runners of the boston marathon, but remember this without peace in this world we live in there will only be distruction, and distruction causes death, death causes evil, evil causes more violence. It's a never ending cycle unless broken. Justice, is what I fight for but who's to say it's going to win?


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