Just Like You

Dear Bullies,
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but words will never hurt me...
Words hurt
They pierce through your soul
like a rusted knife
They stay on your mind until the day you die
Bitch, Whore, Dike, Gay, Nerd, Jock, Asshole, Dumbass, Worthless Piece Of Fucking Shit?!?
What is the point of words like this?!?
All they do is hurt,
Not only yourself, but others as well!
Physical abuse is equally as bad,
they have the same impact.
How would you feel if someone started talking about you and your family and friends?
You'd like shit wouldn't you?
Then why do it to others?
Please, next time you're angry
And want to hurt others,
There is no need for harsh words and balled up fists
Talk to someone who will listen,
Use all that pint up rage
to do good, not evil.
You're a good person, a happy person
And you are not alone
Stop hiding behind your fists
And start reaching out to others like you
And open your eyes to the world
With palms outstretched
And remember to remember that they are people who hurt
Just like you.

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