Just like you


United States
38° 40' 59.1168" N, 121° 22' 16.7376" W

Handles like AI
Jumper like MJ
Balling is a habit and it's a new season.
Cross like Crawford
Gas like, kiss the glass like, step back and cash like
pump like jump like

foot on the pedal - Acceleration
all together in one Nation
my Sanction

Pressure like Meta.. World Peace?
Swipe like that cat from Ohio
Hooping is a lifestyle and I am just hitting puberty.
Break like
Slam like, jam like
reverse like dip in your coin purse like
wett like
square up get set like

Will you go the distance?
Be persistent
No assistance
Failure is Nonexistent

Block your shot like mock like
eject like getta tech like
Basketball is a business and I'm working overtime.

Dimes like CP3
Like shaq in his prime
Stop and shop, pick and pop like
fade like dirk
go d-league do the euro and erk.

I want to be just like you.
No surpass you
drive to the lane. And one baby right past you.



Well this is my poem..

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