Just Tryin' to do Me

Wed, 08/27/2014 - 00:32 -- JBentz

Who am I really?

It's not hard to say,

I'm the happy-go-lucky girl you see everyday. 

I'm the girl who is always laughing. 

I'm the girl who's always tough,

Even though life in general is always pretty rough.

I'm an extrovert!

I'd rather talk about your feelings over mine any day and all the time! 

I'm the girl who is never upset. 

I'm the girl who just laughs it off,

Even when i want to scream and throw some rocks. 

To the eye, i know you see no wrong, 

but under the surface is a completely different song,

inside i'm not always laughing,

inside i'm not always tough.

Life really knows how to beat someone up.

I'm not depressed,

I'm not upset,

I'm more scared of coming out from Behind the Curtain than anything else.

I'd rather let people think I'm always happy 

than to know when i'm upset 

because then that makes me face my feelings,

which I know I'd regret. 

Even writing this poem,

(which I know is not the best)

takes me out of the comfort zone, 

and really puts me to the test. 


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