Just the Start.


She holds her baby as he screams and wails

but really she is denying the reality of a relationship failed.

At first it was love at first sight,

but then came the calls in the middle of the night


He said all the things she wanted to hear,

but that came with a price she had to fear.

She was only in high school with a world of choices to be made,

but he chose her path for her it was the debt she had to pay.


When she found out the news all she could think about was her future on hold,

she called him the next day to let him know but to keep it a secret, and he told.

She was considered the outcast, the girl who couldn’t say “no,”

but what they didn’t realize is she really couldn’t go.


The months drag on with the fear of the pain,

only she knows how her heart has been stained.

She learns she is better off on her own,

but she knows you can’t take back the stone after it is thrown.


One night she wakes up because of the pain,

but who is she to call, the boy who had nothing to gain?

She picks herself up and drives to the hospital with one thought on her mind, “how am I going to ever be the best mother?”

Little does she know, she is like no other.


People come and people go, why they leave nobody knows,

but in the end isn’t that just how it goes?

With a world full of hate, 

you never know the person truly on that first date.


As her baby screams and wails,

she holds him close as if she will never fail.

She thought that baby was a mistake,

little did she know it was all apart of fate.


That baby is all grown up now and the only way he knows how to spell father is


She loves him with all her heart,

but this is only the start.





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