Just Say Yea For Gods Aake



Two  star crossed people in a parking lot , it’s the sketchy part of town . The neon lights are turned off super moon is going down. Her eyes are languid , lips that form a frown . She doesn’t want to be here but she can’t quite put it down .

Him , he’s anxious and willing to press his luck . There’s certainly no other place he really needs to be . Contrary to legend , it’s the furthest thing from free.


We get worn and tangled and just lose reasons to make us care. Is this all part of living ? Are they really there ? Looking for redemption in smoggy smokestack air. His heart skips a beat as she brushes back her hair .


“See”, she whispers in a frustrated sigh ... “ you don’t believe a word I say and call all my reasons alibis .” He squirms in his seat and try’s once again. “ At this age instinct is really all I’ve got . If I’m going down , I have to take the shot .”  She rolls her eyes and it’s back for another round .  This guy won’t turn his mind around. His morose optimism abounds . 


Familiar strangers tomatoes too long on the vine . He’s really weathered , she seems immune to time . Beauty and Beast , it rages inside. They both need to touch and are full of worthless pride . He just knows it in his hide ..:


“I could talk a certain way and really wear you down . The thing is that shouldn’t be the case , but if I let things go you’re always out in haste . You’ve got your story and I feel the longing in your bones . It breaks my heart that you’ve gone through this much alone .”


“I’ve got so many friends .” is one of the ways she replies . “Why won’t you believe I don’t want you, not in that way “    “We’ll you know my terms .”!Its a funky thing he says...

“ These aren’t rules , you’re sitting in the seat , Why do you feel you need to cool your heat?” 


And do it goes round and round .

“Where will we be when the music stops .” He finds it a little funny and a bit absurd .  It also breaks his heart , he really loves this nerd ... she’s a cool kitty and hard to herd...  “ That’s absurd “ is what she has to say ... It’s round 501 and his will just won’t fray ..


So where does he go ? What will he find?

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