This Is Just to Say


United States
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(poems go here) “It’s none of your business”
were the five weapons of words used to mark my exit.
“It’s none of your business.” Frustrated words
I regretted as they had escaped my foolish lips.

I turned my back to her after I had spoken.
I was afraid of what her face would show
Just as badly as I feared what mine would also reveal.
Maybe I figured, out of sight, out of mind.

Unfortunately this was not the case
This became evident as I heard her inhale to form her response
Apparently my childhood powers of invisibility had escaped me.
My game of hiding would have to be abandoned for more mature tactics.

She breathed “You are my daughter”
Her soft tone and sullen eyes spoke volumes.
Expressing the disappointment and regret
that could not have been bound by the short phrase

After a moment of silence I shamefully turned around.
My eyes steadily focused on the white tile floor
only to say “I’m sorry” and unhesitant she replied
“I know.” And that was enough.


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