just remember.


this new environment could use improvement. 
two-faced like the villain, who am i kiddin’? 
i got my clique, my homeboys and friends. 
family is backbone no matter how i pretend. 
precious moments to never regret, 
“bffs” you’d never forget. 
success comes first, not before religion, 
however these both guarantee a living. 
but just because i say “everything’s okay”, 
you sometimes gotta look at life the opposite way: 

no matter how many friends you strive to make, 
there are always those who it’s you they seem to hate. 
“annoying and boring, stupid and nerdy.” 
these are the words they use to treat you dirty. 
“everyone’s different!” is what you say, 
but who’d you say that to? they all walked away. 
and even if you are just being yourself, 
it seems like not even that can seem to help. 

forever wanting to be with him or her, 
you go out with the old ways and in with the new. 
but even when they say the kindest word, 
[epiphany!] … it just ain’t to you. 
the things you do, the words you say, 
your name is synonymous to polite. 
always peacemaking, never a dull moment, 
you almost never wanna put up a fight. 
doing everything you can think of 
to be his other half, 
but when you finally state your heartfelt feelings, 
all you hear is a cold-blooded laugh. 

“together, together, me and you together, forever.” 
that’s all that you got on your mindset. 
but girl, you best need a reality check, 
‘cause moving on with life is your only best bet. 
pack your belongings, just move on! 
because his love for you is far gone. 
he replaced it with lies, he’s fake and phony, 
played you so hard, you can’t be his crony. 
you stuck with him, and you just got played, 
you got straight-up nowhere, ‘cause it’s you that’s been betrayed. 
so just be quiet and listen, i mean while you still can, 
you’re better on your own, not with your old man. 

just remember that everything’s not what it seems, 
just remember some things were not meant to be, 
always remember to stick to your loved ones, 
because some don’t know what they got ‘til it’s gone. 

and even though these words ring true, 
i can’t help but to stay stuck on things like you. 
wasting time and effort, i honestly admit the fact. 
just remember it’s all your loss, just remember that. 

- [nel.ito]


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