Just Read


Yesterday I was 20,000 leagues under the sea

Last Christmas was just the March family and me

Watched in wonder as they put up Old Glory

I’m always a part of the grand story

I have loved Big Brother

Braved the Hunger Games with another


I know what your thinking

”This ones brains must be breaking”

No one can do all these doings

No one can be all these beings

I’ll tell you all these things are very possible

This gift is quite open to those who are able


I’ve been so many places and times

There’s been death, failure, and crimes

Life, success and love

What is this wondrous thing I’ve made use of?

It starts with an R and ends with an –ead

This is a skill you need!

Everyday you do use some of its power

From the ads on TV to the menu at happy hour


This interest I have is fabulous,

Absurd, philosophical, impressive and scandalous

Once you start I’m sure you’ll be hooked

Open a book; I just took one little look

Now I can’t be stopped

My obsession cannot be dropped

Forever and always I’ll be reading

My minds hunger, eternally needs feeding


I would just like to express

The ways words make our daily toil less

In today’s world you cannot survive

Play a game, work on homework or even drive

Be able to read our English language

Witten to help with our life’s great voyage


But reading is not just for letters

Textbooks or newspaper headers

It’s about learning what its like to be another

Not people like your sister or mother

But people you will never meet

Such as a Roman Solider or famous athlete

For when you walk in their shoes

You’ll figure out the reason for their views

You can understand the why,

Where, what and who’s the good guy


Yes, from Narnia I just returned

Under Steinbeck I was governed

David Livingstone I presume

Living as Alice I must resume

My fairy tales by Hans are endless

I’ve lived the story behind the Gettysburg address

Moses and I parted the Red Seas

With William Taft I planted those cherry trees


I’m not just one simple person

In a matter of second my situation could worsen

Or be the winner of some grand race

I am not limited to a certain place

California, London or Spain

All without the cost of a plane

As long as the realms of my imagination show no bounds

So will the adventures on foreign grounds


Are we meant to stay in one place?

Never got back in time or travel through space?

I believe the answer is no

I don’t have the means to see a Van Gogh

My head wants to learn and my heart wants to soar

They want more, more, more


So, that’s what I’ll do

I’ll continue to travel from Kansas to Timbuktu

Keeping on living as others did

Even if I am forbid

With a book in my hand

I’ll have no other demand

Happy as a blooming rose

Of to lands that nobody knows


Just dreamed with Ebenezer Scrooge firsthand

The Spanish and I discovered the Rio Grande

Cried where the Red Fern Grows

Laughed at the Emperor in his new clothes

I’ve been a place you can’t imagine

Historic, fiction and action

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