Just a Pebble in the Grand Design

Born a small pebble in the oblivion,

Same as  many others, approximately trillions.

The Man up above shining his holy radiance everyday,

Never thought I would ever push myself that way.

No spirituality in my family left me without knowledge

whether there was actually someone in another world guiding me.

Guiding me to the promised land or over the edge.

I do not have physical proof, a letter or a recording of Him.

Some tell me He's just a figment of my imagination.


I am nothing but a pebble amongst boulders,

with the weight of the entire world on my shoulders.

I discovered my strength alone would not suffice.

So I humbled myself down and closed my eyes.

Felt a power that I could not recognize,

A love that could heal the paralyzed.

The man I was, was not the one I was intended to be.

I was shackled in chains but by grace I was freed.


To ask me, "How do I define myself?"

Puts a smile on my face.

Neither happiness, intelligence or humorous describes my vibe.

Maybe trust or even patience?

No, those words are only a part of my essence.

Ahh yes, to truly describe myself,

Out of all the words on the books on the shelf.




I've learned to trust blindly.

I've learned to judge myself before others.

I've learned to allow my faith to walk before me.

I've learned to put others before my own needs.

I've learned to serve rather than help.

But most importantly, I've learned I am but a pebble in the grand design.

We are all pebbles.

Unified we are a mountain.


I learn everyday and I will continue tomorrow.

To learn is something I stand by

And by learning I will grow. 



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My community
Our world
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