Just one thing?

You know what really sucks about someone like ME having to answer the question,

"What is one thing you can't live without?"


It's that I don't even get to think about the basic stuff,

ya know, 

like food and



No, the first thing that comes to my mind when asked the question,

"What is one thing you can't live without?" Is...


No, wait. Stop. Just one thing?

That can't be right because I can't live without so many things;

For instance, like my chest therapy machine, my Creon, my Inhaler, my Kalydeco,

my Pulmozyme--

You probably don't know what these words mean, do you?


Well, let's start from the beginning.


Hi, I have Cystic Fibrosis.

According to my life expectancy, I should have had my mid-life crisis three years ago

so excuse me if I'm being blunt about what I can't live without.


It's just that these medications are my first priority;

they always have been.

When I was little

I wasn't allowed to go to my friends' houses 

because my grandma was afraid I wouldn't get my treatments in.


I can't even begin to think about food

until I swallow a handful of pills so my body can digest it.


And don't even get me started on breathing!


Breathing is supposed to be the very foundation of life,

but my foundation slowly starts to crumble

if I don't get my two chest therapy treatments done




And every time I have to go to the hospital for two weeks 

to get the mucus sucked out of the caves in my lungs--

it just adds another scar

which I desperately try to patch up with duck tape

but soon, my already shattered lungs

will only be duck tape

and no lungs

and I'll need a transplant.


I know that there ae trivial things in my life that I cannot live without

like books, and fashion, and poetry. 

And I know I love my family and friends

And I know that I couldn't go a day without loving them,

without happiness,

and peace.


But I also know that life itself wouldn't be possible 

without the heavy focus on my health.

I wouldn't have the chance

to love the things I do

if I didn't prioritize my treatments and medication.


So, you see, it's really quite hard for a person like me 

to answer your question with 






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