"Just One"


Each day, i wonder

what my life would be like

if i hadn't made the first cut

if my emotions hadn't overpowered me

if i wasn't so desperate to let it out


It started with one and then another

until i started to not feel the pain

i couldn't feel any physical pain

everything was mental

i started only feeling numbness


Who knew that just a cut

could lead to predicaments

that seemed to bw blown 

way out of porportion

just one simple cut


Soon i didn't realize what 

i was doing to myself

scar after scar after scar

my arm filled

and i tried to hide them


I wear these bands

and my jackets because

i am insecure about myself

my action not only hurt me

but others around me as well


My emotions have completley taken over

sometimes i cant control them

my mind goes blank and

my emotions sweep over my heart

i feel the only resort is my arm


cut after cut

my arms get more scarred

i try my hardest to stop

but i have to much stress

i never know what to do


but i still wonder

could i have been happy

would my life get better

will my family ever NOT worry about me

will i ever be happy again....


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