Just Like Mommy

I am always there for my friends,
But is anyone there for me?
Can I go out on weekends?
But I will be alone,
Or with my love,
But that is not so bad,
Do my friends even think of me?
I finally know my mother's pain,
This has always happened to her,
And it still does,
I am just like Mommy,
I try not to let the loneliness,
And the hurt get to me,
But it does,
Why can't anyone call me,
Just to say Hello,
Why is it always,
Jessie, I'm sad,
Jessie, Can I have your advice?
Jessie this
Jessie that
Why can't it be
Hi Jessie,
I miss you,
Let's go do do something
Is that so hard to do?
I am just like Mommy.


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