Just Me Being Me

Without accessories I may look plain but do you know anymore than my name?

I may be simple, but it is not that easy.

I am very deep, and very needy.

I am a mother, but a wild child undercover.

I will tell you how I feel.

Even if you don't care.


I am blunt.


Behind my name is a beautiful person, but I don't feel beautiful.

I feel used, run down and abused.

I have been beaten by the father of my child, but I hide my bruises with a smile.

I try to make everyone joyful, but it seems that it backfires on me.


I am depressed.


My son is my reason for life.

Behind his eye, I see a reason to stay.


I am a mother.


My life is not my life.

I live for others.

Making people happy makes me happy, but it seems as if I'm never enough.


I am selfless.

This poem is about: 
My family


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