Just me

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 20:47 -- JB2

Beauty dripping on the floor, tears that no one could see

 The who, what, and where, from the comparison of you and me

I am short not tall

 My voice does not reign, but is small

 I feel worthless, but I was bought

 A lineage of kings and queens, this I was taught

 Tears use to flow from not knowing the me I couldn’t see

 Blinded by the lies of what they wanted me to be

 Tears from being called “ugly”, “stupid”, and “slow”

Truth clearing my eyes “fearfully” and “wonderfully” oh you shall soon know.

 I cant let this hinder me- the excuse of the past.

 Now I have to face shyness, fear, and anxiety- how long will it last.

Maybe I won't have the right words, they won’t listen, I won’t know what to say

 Longing to stand in front of people offering them an encouraging word someday.

 Mended by love, once bruised by shame

 Emptied then full, oh I will never be the same.

 Im no wizard, no im just me

 Hiding behind this curtain of who I was destined to be


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