Just a Little


What is the most powerful thing in the world?


Is it the desire to achieve greatness?

Or is it your desire to crawl out of bed in the morning knowing you have to get to class and can't be late?


Is it that burning sensation you feel about your life's passion?

Or is it the sensation you feel when you see you have to work 40 hours next week at the job you hate to pay for the apartment you hate living in?


Is it that feeling you chase to be fit and sexy?

Or is it the feeling you have that you need to workout so you don't gain weight from all the ice cream you've been eating?


Is it how you would do anything to win over the love of your life?

Or is it how you write your number on your receipt in the hopes your waiter or waitress shoots you a text?


Is it how you feel when you want to put your parents in a lavish house for all they've done for you?

Or is it how you feel when you finally have enough money to get your mom a nice Christmas present?


It is all of the above. It's also as strong as it is weak, as deep as it is shallow; it's always there yet you still search for it.

It is what drives you, it is what you use to guide your life and make decisions. It is inside you and inside everyone else.

There is nothing more powerful than a little motivation. A little determination, a little chip on your shoulder. It can take you places that you had never dreamt possible. It can put you in the Bahamas with your soulmate, and it can leave you on the streets in the dead of winter.

All you need... Is just a little.


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