Just a Leaf in the Dust

From tree to tree,

It sways along, 

Finding a place it belongs.

Turned down by everyone,

Yet still breathes hope,

As it recalls,

"Where do I really belong?"


It's been searching for way too long,

But now withers,

A new age has come,

The first signs of winter

Start to shine.

The leaf now scrambles

To find a home

It does not want to be alone


The other leaves of the trees 

Start snickering and whispering among themselves,

"That leaf will live forever by itself,

Its just another leaf in the dust."


It yearns to be loved.

It yearns for the memories 

It wishes to possess.

Hearing stories of friendship and love,

If only someone wrote stories of tragedies with no end, 

Then the leaf would not care.

It truly is just a leaf in the dust.



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