Just as I am


Seeing the world in my artsy glasses, clouding any dreary realities.

Resenting any form of conformity, I’m a rebel with a great cause.

“Describe yourself in 150 words or less”

I can’t be contained by some generic words.

Here’s my brief illustration of me, a modern day “Mona Lisa”

Wild sunflowers sprout wildly on top my head,

Butterflies hum around my beautifully free hair.

My smooth ebony skin shines in the nature’s sunlight.

Lavender and freshwater scent  hugs my skins, and lingers for days.

Tree trunks for arms, to hold the fruits I bear in love.

Boulders for feet, to stand any of the world’s adversities.

Love, encouragement, and hope spill out my mouth like a river.

Comforting people with the sound of my words, like a serene river.

Now that the best way to describe me in less than 150 words.


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