Just a Glimpse

I've been searching for what I really want but i just cant find it,
As the shine in the diamonds leaving most of these people blinded,
But something tells me that there's more to living life than,
Products that try to fake how bright the twinkle in your eye is,
And its this that will be the end of me,
Friends that i trusted that turned out to be my enemies,
My memory has left me messy,
because like a subject they've tried to test me,
and it never seems to be me who acquires these happy endings,
Traveling across this image,
Yet its past my limit,
This avenue that's hidden,
Yes, I'm still sitting in it,
And its twisted, my entire direction is faulty,
I keep running from those who've locked me,
But this freedoms costly,
So we just need to admire,
stop listening to liars,
telling us that what we have ever desired,
Is always farther then reach,
and that we're facing defeat,
and then they wonder what exactly summoned the demons beneath,
So I ask, only because most know what color I bleed,
Are you living to lead? Or do you exist only to feed...


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