Just Give Me a Chance

Thu, 08/07/2014 - 09:52 -- seano15

Slam Behind the Curtain.

By: Sean O’Connor


When I see myself try

Sometimes I just feel the urge to cry  

I do my best to excel

But I still don’t do to swell


Even your closest friends can hurt

They will just go avert

They claim they care

But in me, they have despair


While my “friends” like to party

I like to be known as the “smarty”

Peer pressure can cause stress

But I always have to confess

That I am not the person that parties


It’s a stereotype that if you don’t party

You can’t fit in

But I planned to take this stereotype for a spin

I ran for President of my School

And I showed them I can be cool



Once people gave me the chance

And I took my normal stance

They saw that I’m just a normal guy

And they saw that I’m not that shy


It just took one event

That bent my life for the better

Today I’m happy as a clam

It just takes people that are willing to give you a chance.


Now when I take a glance

At those not accepted

I will always give them the chance

To show their true colors

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