Just Give Me A Chance

Taste the creation of what’s meant to be. All the pastries and cakes as far as the eye can see. My passion is fierce and culinary arts is my calling, but drowning in debt I am afraid of falling. We are prisoner to the dreaded green bills. This job could benefit society by exposing them to new culinary creations, but sadly I am at very strict financial limitations. I just need the schooling and I need financial help, then I can be on the road to success and prosper at my dream job and in wealth. I am very motivated to succeed in life, someday down the road I’d like to have some kids and be somebody’s wife. I need to build my future and I need to build it now, so please reward me a scholarship so I can show the world what I have to offer and what I’m all about; because there is no doubt, I will do anything I can to become a pastry chef.


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