Just a girl marching through Life, Always Hoping

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 16:45 -- EbbyBL

My whole  life I've spent marching,

Steadily trodding towards the finish line,

As I go, I see those around me fall

But I also see some had gotten a head start.


But no matter what, I persevere


Left, Right, Left, Right


It was summer of the year 2004

Me being 6 at the time,

I picked, with my two bare hands, under the hot summer heat, a beautiful strawberry.

I see my parents picking too, quicker than a bullet, at least in my eyes, I wondered how they managed to keep going, for I, after only an hour, was tired and beat.


Left, Right, Left, Right


My grandma has passed away.

I see my father cry for the first time.

I hope Grandma is happy in heaven.


Left, Right, Left, Right


Another school, yet again.

I was only in fourth grade, and this was the fourth school I was going to.

I hope I can make friends, because I left my other ones behind.

Another house, I hope it's permanent this time.


Left, Right, Left, Right


He's screaming at my father, but I do have papers.

Mexican border, we left grandma at the airport because her mom died.

I forgot my passport but I have my birth certificate and school ID, isn't that what they want? Papers?

"You know it's illegal to be crossing illegal children over the border?! You know you can go to jail, right?!"

The man must know his screaming is being heard by deaf ears, not knowing the language.

I don't like the man.

I hope I can make it in time for school tomorrow, I wonder if this would count as a valid excuse...


Left, Right, Left, Right


I made it.

I'm graduating junior high!

I hope highschool is easy.

I hope I make my parents proud.


Left, Right, Left, Right


I'm tired, I want to sleep.

But I can't

If I don't pass this assignment, I won't  pass the class and won't graduate...if only my parents would let me drink coffee...I need help...God please help me




I'm getting tired of marching and hoping...

I didn't  pass the assignment




The teacher is giving me one more chance!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Left, Right, Left, Right


I got accepted to 6 out of the 10 colleges despite having that one grade.

But I will improve it!

I can do it!


Left, Right, Left, Right


I passed!!!

I just need to keep up these grades, but I can go to college!

I hope I don't have to go through more sleepless nights though...


Left, Right, Left, Right


When I graduate from college I can help my family!

I hope to make a difference

I hope one day the deportations will end




I hope my family gets justice for all their hard work




I hope to finally see my family live in peace without having to look behind their backs every few minutes to watch out for la migra




I hope I can afford to pay for college




I hope  my siblings see me as a role model



*tear rolls down my left cheek*

And if I don't make it to the finish line, I hope my siblings learn from my mistakes.

I hope they successfully make it to the end.

But I will not stop hoping, I still have a long path ahead of me.


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