Just a Girl

She's 5'6"

100 and <clears throat> pounds

That's the girl

Who's always annoyed by the class clown

She's quiet a lot

But she smiles with her friends

She plays piano all day

The music never ends

Black hair

Brown eyes

A love for softball she can't disguise

But when she goes home

At the end of the day

She can't hide her feelings

A perfect girl? NO WAY!

Underneath the smile

That's shown to all her friends

Lies a dark past

With, to her, no end

The names she was called

"Stinky! Medusa! Loner!" and all

Remain in her head

And just help her fall

She walks around campus

And sees the parents of her peers

"They seem so happy together" she thinks

Hers haven't been that way in years

Her mom and her dad

They make her life a drag

All they do is fight and fight

Until the police come

It just made her sad

Until she made acquaintances

And soon they were her friends

Man, she was so happy!

The joy just had no end

And then one day

He had came along

A very close friend

But not for so long...

He asked her to be his girlfriend!

It was so great

And she thought she liked him

She'd never forget that day

But then it all went south

When summer break came

He cheated on her!

She'd never been hurt that way

That pain made her think

About her past, and her life

So she wanted to end it all

With an old kitchen knife

But then came her way

A friend, another guy

He talked her out of her disastrous mistake

And now he's the love of her life

Now, why did I tell you this?

Because now you know

The one piece of me

I thought I'd never let go

So can you keep a secret?

Will anyone else know?

Well, I don't really care anymore

So I just let it show

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