Just Fly

When I was ten, my friend asked me,

"Do you want to fly, or be invisible?"

I chose to be invisible.

I mean, could you imagine?

Walking the streets unseen,

hiding from my parents when my room's unclean,

playing tricks and walking away,


Man, did I want to be invisible.

A few years later my wish came true.

I walked those halls unseen.

Sat alone in a room where every seat was in need.

Fell deeper down when they just




Because you see,

I've never been LOUD.

I get nervous in a crowd.

My anxiety always getting in the way,

wrapping around my chest in iron chains.

Never loosening.

Only getting tighter,

and tighter,

and tighter.

Slowly breaking me down.

Until I'm nothing.

Until I'm no one.

Until I'm invisible.

Yeah, I'm changing my answer.

I'm through with being invisible,

it's time to fly.


Cassidy Small

I totally understand...

You worded it perfectly.


Thank you, I really appreciate it. :)

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