Just finished my term paper #


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Just finished my term paper #yowo #we'll see how this goes

Nothing to do so I wrote a story #yowo #nothing beats my writing flows

#yowo Sometimes you just need coffee and some poetry

to mend your heart and take you somewhere you want to be

#WhatMakesMeCool Sitting in a cafe writing letters to my friends in Germany

#yowo I'm not great at communicating but hopefully these words will help me

When your boyfriend tells you he likes the poem you wrote #yowo #isthebestthing

thinking about the future makes me cringe #WhatGetsMeThroughIs writing

#futureplans I'll make my way in this world with a pen and paper

writing til I can't hold the pen no more! #motivated

Keep your head up, and like Dr. Seuss says, #OhThePlacesYou'llGo

I don't always go on twitter, but when I do, I use the hashtag #yowo








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