Just A Dream by Shyerra Harris


Just A Dream

by Shyerra Harris


Is It Fictious?

Imaging The Things I've Been Given...

I Was Always Taught That Dreams Come True

But For Who?

Is The Real Question...

If You Reap What You Sow

I Guess I Forgot To Water My Seed

Therefore The Dream Will Never Grow..

Is This The Way Of The World

I Ask On The Daily Basis

Friends Become Foes 

Contridicting The Smile On Their Faces..

As I Grow More Mature

The Pain The Heart Has Endured

Becomes Stress..

The Need To Impress

Is Substituted With The Need For Success..

Vivid Visions Of The Future

The Person I Am And Will Become

Is The Breathe Of Fresh Air

Within My Lungs...

If This Is My Reality In A Dream

Then The Concept Of A Balance Beam

Seem As Though I Am Trapped

Between My Destiny And My Fantasy

Or Is It All

Just A Dream...









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