Just a Dream

Thu, 12/21/2017 - 02:28 -- evyfunk

Just a dream by Evelyn Delgado

a sweet face goes by and it catches your eyes

whirls past you with escalating mixed feelings giving you butterflies

in a dark moment it illuminates the space

but you can't catch your breathe because you feel a sweet taste

green eyes and black hair

a good-looking man in which no one can compare

his words, his voice, it just takes you everywhere

but even so you know he isn’t  just a blur

you notice you are crying from his presence not being there but you are unsure

so you follow him into the dark and think noo..

deeper through the dark he goes

it's completely dark, no light will show

time seems to get away from you

but you are fixed on seeing him for a second or a few

this is a once in a lifetime chance

or so you think

his voice is a song and his walk is a dance

you finally find a light in your heart

that once felt like an unclear part

you look around and catch his gaze

suddenly you find your stomach feel like a maze

a big confusion, twisting and turning with no end

time doesn't last forever, but minutes is all you tend

he walks your direction

you look down, you're standing on water but no reflection

this blows your state of mind

you look around but he’s in the only reflection you can find

your face is touched by his hand

you feel like you are in wonderland

you feel like you can fly

and reach up to the sky

but you stay on the ground

next to the man that makes your heart pound

he draws nearer

his eyes are a little more clearer

you can feel it coming, a kiss

but then something goes wrong and you feel a little sting

you wake up and you ask yourself "was it just a dream?"


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