Just Do It


United States

Just Do It

Is this a stolen motto, 

Or a motto made for us?

Internally, I keep running

Panting, though I keep on going

Is it still possible to stop?

I can stop now, But

No...not now.


Everyday I

Will keep growing 

Into who I am meant

To be. A person whose 

Strength comes from her 

Deceased mother, who said "it

Is okay, you're safe now,"

She swallows the pills 

and shut her eyes, to

go into bliss, but 

she did not tell

me why.


But I

Will keep 

Going until I

Finish. I will not 

Waste this life, although 

I am in pain. The darkness will

Subside, the morning dews on the grass

Will be felt again. It is not my time to 

Go yet. The only time I am waiting

For, is the time when I fulfill

My dreams and hers. I know

That my mother is cheering 

Me on. She is saying

Just Do It!


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