Just a CNA


When someone says thank you

That look of relief,

These are the things that I think are neat.


The twelve hour nights

The patients that fight,

These are the things that make me sigh.


I wipe some bums,

I change the sheets,

But so many amazing people I meet.


I hold the hand of a scared woman with cancer,

I laugh with the one that once was a dancer.


I hug the man who’s dad has moved on,

I dress the other who gets to go home.


I help people with the little things,

Be it showers, or walks,

Maybe pick up some strings.


I’ve seen the hurt,

I’ve seen the pain,

I’ve seen the happy, the grateful,

And everything in between.


I meet many people, I help them they say

It is why I want to be a doctor one day.


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