Just Beyond My Reach

Some say sticks and stone may bring my bones
But words will never hurt me.
Yes, sticks and stones leave me scratched up a bit
But words, leave me useless.
See when you hold someone up for ridicule
Thinking you’re so cool, making jokes in school,
Leaving them feeling like a foolish tool –
Lightweight and easy to break
You seem to forget your biggest mistake.
When you walk down the halls, strutting your stuff
Thinking I’ve had it at home, I’ve had enough
So you pull out your defensive threat
To eat up the hurt that made you upset.
And it worked.
The little girl went home dripping in tears
Tripped down the stairs where she stayed
Lying, sighing, wondering why in the world she was even trying – to live
Since you told her she was a worthless pig.
She felt her heart break just a little bit more
Wondering who else believed she was a waste of space
A pointless being, a big disgrace.
To you it was a ventilation of the anger you had inside
But to put on line another person
Was there nothing else you could have tried.
I hope one day the world will exist
As a place where bully will be dismissed
And that’s when life will truly be bliss.


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