Just The Beginnnig

Thu, 05/08/2014 - 21:12 -- asam1


5310 Heathercrest
United States
29° 37' 16.1472" N, 95° 27' 41.4972" W

Suprised I've gotten this far. Sometimes where you live is not how you'll turn out, but how you'll grow to be better. I wish I could stay around and work to become the common folk or I can go out and reach towards something no one will ever imagine. I don't need rhymes to express my feelings, just check my surroundings and you'll see my motivations. My faith is strong, my smile is permanent and I'll only get better as time progresses. Greatness awaits, all I have to do is stay patient, stay focused and belive because this is only the beginning never the end

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