Just Because I Am a Sister

Just because I’m a older sister doesn’t mean I hate my life.
Doesn’t mean I have a better life.
Doesn’t mean I can’t get along with the younger.
Doesn’t mean I’m always bossy.
But because I am a older sister I do have responsibility.
I do know how to get people to listen to me.
I do keep the other’s in check.
I do have my siblings backs.


Just because I’m a younger sister doesn’t mean I’m treated differently.
Doesn’t mean I’m always called little.
Doesn’t mean I get on my older siblings nerves.
Doesn’t mean I’m annoying.
But because I am a younger sister my older siblings have my back.
They keep me in check.
They help out always.
I have someone to go to that is always willing to listen.


Just because I am a sister doesn’t me my siblings aren’t my best friends.
Doesn’t mean we can’t have a crazy sleep over everynight.
Doesn’t mean I can’t ever have peace and quite even if it is just every once and a while.
Doesn’t mean we always get along.
But because I am a sister means I have to be able to keep secrets.
I know I will always have some to call to for help.
I know that when everybody else in the world turns their backs on me, my siblings will be there.
I know my life will be full of laughter.


Becasue I am a sister.

I have everything I will ever need.

One day I may not have any material items but in the same shoes I have nothing in I will also have everything because I am a sister.

My whole world is in the rooms next to mine.

And that's all because I AM a sister.


This poem is about: 
My family


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