Just because...

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 09:42 -- lizhh13


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Just because you’re pregnant,
It doesn’t mean I should be happy for you
It doesn’t mean its ok
It doesn’t mean everyone’s ok with it
It doesn’t mean people won’t talk
It doesn’t mean people will get over it
Just because you’re pregnant
I’m not saying I won’t be there
I’m not saying you should get an abortion
I’m not saying you’re an abomination
I’m not saying you’ve made a mistake
But I am saying you’re too young
Just because you’re pregnant
It doesn’t mean you’ll be on teen mom
It doesn’t mean you should keep the baby
It doesn’t mean your going to have a perfect life
I hope for your sake you don’t drop out
Just because you’re pregnant
I’m still going to be your family
And no I won’t give up on you
I still hope that baby has a good life
You need to make its dreams come true
Just because you’re pregnant


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