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Thu, 07/31/2014 - 13:35 -- joozy32


She 21 and want me to hit, but i'm no black jack. I think i'm brown Joe and as far as brown goes it's clear she's reached her pinnacle and hennesy and me is what she wanna drink, so now i'm on the brink of temptaion. But anyways this lively occasion got me facing a personal high. See it's me and my guys and we scoping the scene, and as we scope girls scope we visual listerine. Clean and refreshing I mean we clean and we fresh and leaving the deepest impressions "what's his name" is the question. They requesting an encore not laying with me is something she won't stand(rhyme with bond) for, but I got my music to make and my God to please. So lady please remove your booty off my rod cuz you're robbing me of an emotional piece. She think sex will give her an emotional peace...of me. Girl please you get a physical and i'm no doctor so minerals I prescribe are literal. Pivotal is every move cuz as she grooves is like I loose the screws that hold the glue to the tool box of the rocks that I throw at the images in my head. So I move to lose her subdue of being sexual food cuz with me she wanna snooze and sex in her bed. What was said? What's more important is what's heard. Her hellish heimlichs were like a herd stomping my throat when I aint know what to say, but gone are the days when gone were the ways of God and I'd swim in any pond fon-daling with every fish. Make a wish and pray my backbone dont break. Just a kiss is a mistake i'll make. Some my bros acting like foes. Like they don't know the struggles of Joe. Brahhh is you scared? Nigga you gay? The questions that they are repeatedly asking me(may). Shall I make this make of giving into physical lust. Is life really all about breast and some butt? On the other hand it's been awhile and shawty claim to like my style and it's cold when you in bed alone. But if I dont act ima look weak but to God i'm strong. Struggles misunderstood yeah I could just light her up, and it aint help she grab my wood and said "you down or what"?.....now im stuck.




This is a real personal poem just describing the everyday pressures of a young Christian. This is just one example of the temptations faced and how hard it is to be strong. Hopefully you all can relate.

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