Just Another School Shooting Poem


Many survived
some took an exist to life
and few got scars, wounds, and bloody noses.
Pow Pow
Pens down
Doors shut
You can hear fear’s theme song in these poor soul’s hearts
Those with high blood pressure had no chance to say goodbye
the blood flood in their lungs slayed them before the trigger was even pulled.
The righteous ones turned to the heavens
but the glassed ceiling top blocked the sky view
leaving them hopeless and faithless.
The unrighteous wondered
is it that they seek not for the heavens 
death as came upon them.
Daddy’s little girls and mommy’s little boys
faced the cold and silent walls
biting their fingernails
crying tears cascading like waterfalls.
The popular kids, the “I have it all” popular kids
had nothing, not even a shoulder to lean on 
nor a familiar face to sympathize with
their “cool” talk turned into gibberish
the world didn’t seem to revolve around their existence anymore
thanatophobia did, the fear of dying.
Misfits could've cared less
they didn’t see any meaning to life anyways
roaming the hallways targeted as preys
no wonder they were runaways.
Hippies ran the hallways fearlessly, rebelliously, and peacefully
as if bullets flying in the air was just their imaginations, a joke
or maybe a bloody video game.
Pow Pow
Man down
He forgot to take the shortcut
The poor Jewish janitor
who spent half of his centuries
mopping sorrow off the concrete floors
sweeping secrets behind closed doors
wiping rumors off the exposed walls.
Pedophilic educators faced an unexpected execution
apologies to the young dreamers
whose dreams encountered prosecution
apologies to the young visionaries  
whose visions gazed elimination
and apologies to the young revolutionaries
who will never get to witness their own profound revolution
but their own execution.
I’m hazed
I’m still in haze
cause we blame society
but we are the society
the brainwashed fools 
and the selfish idiots
and we wonder why we are corrupted. 
-Marlene Rashidi 
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